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Dubai RTA Dashboard

Digital Assets (Mobile App, Website, SMS, Merchant Portal & App, social media, SMS, Emails) and Citizen Engagement Operations Team (Managing Content, Merchant Ecosystem, Analytics, Helpdesk & Registration) make up the DigiThane solution. It is a unified citizen-municipality interaction/transaction layer that is used to make decisions based on citizens’ static and dynamic data.

Visualization dashboards for RTA ( The Roads and Transport Authority) Dubai was our First international project using Power – BI. We created visualizations for 6-8 Sources like DLP, GRC, SIEM, etc. showing relevant correlations, graphical representations with drill down capabilities. The dashboard was in Arabic as well.

We had created another dashboard in Tableau to show the demo to client. This dashboard was to show Registration summary for application and analysis of Revenue. We have showed summary and Trend of Application Registrations, Total revenue, Fine received through different sources, transactions done on Kiosk and App, etc.