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Foxberry Technologies intends to deliver real-life impact through Customer-centric, Predictive decisions Making, aided by cutting-edge Products & Services in Technology & Data.


Using the triad of Technology, Data & Digital as well as offline Engagement. Foxberry Technologies intends to impact the lives of customers by enabling collaboration between Government, Business, & Customer.


Foxberry aims to impact the lives of 10 million people in India & overseas using Technology, Data & Engagement by 2025





Digi Engagement Platform

DigiEngagement platform is a flagship product of FTPL, which has a proven track record of bringing administration closer to its citizens through improved communication & engagement. Read more

EDSS : Emergency Decision Support System

EDSS is a data visualisation dashboard created specifically for Enterprise customer and Government customer to Plan, Track & Manage their critical functions.. Read more


DigiSlot.in portal, a technologically driven time slot scheduling system, a premiere stride to support local merchants to manage crowd and customer walk-ins at store/ restaurant/ outlet –level. Read more

Fintech – Insurance Aggregation

Foxberry is developing an online insurance portal. This Insurance portal helps the citizen to compare insurance policies from top-rated insurance companies and purchase the insurance policy that best suits your needs. Read more

Safety and Security

Nirbhaya is a P2P safety and security application designed keeping in mind safety and security of people in general and women & senior citizens in particular. It assimilates all the essential features Read more

DDSS (Democratic Decision Support System)

The Democratic Decision Support system allows any Governmental / Non-Governmental organization to take votes via an application. The votes can be clubbed based on Geographies or other parameters as per the Organizational requirement. Read more

Vehicle Tracking System

The Vehicle tracking System (VTS) aims to keep a tab on the company vehicles being used by the employees along with streamlining the whole process of booking, tracking and allotting company vehicles to employees for intercity and intracity travel. Read more


Web & Mobile Application and Technical Assessment Services

Foxberry develops smart, secure and scalable applications for multiple digital platforms like mobile, web, VR and AR which allows for an exhaustive and seamless experience.

BI & Data Analytics

We provide full plethora of Data Science Services like building Data Collection tools, Data Management & Architecture, Governance, Data Engineering & Analytics

GIS Services

Visualised data often helps drive effective analytics. Foxberry works with customers to visualise vital data points with a geographic spread on GIS maps. Foxberry’s approach is platform & basemap agnostic.

Data Analytics

Leveraging the data to identify patterns which would lead to the growth of the organization is a key benefit to the Data analytics frameworks that we develop in collaboration.




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