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Ms. Chitra Panwar

Company secretary, Pimpri Chinchwad Smart City Ltd.

The city is currently witnessing the implementation of the PAN City project by Pimpri Chinchwad Smart City Ltd., a project that has earned national-level recognition. The pivotal role played by the PCMC Smart Sarathi mobile application and social media channels in fostering citizen engagement for this project is noteworthy. Foxberry Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is at the helm of managing the PCMC Smart Sarathi Project.

Through the adept management of PCMC Smart Sarathi, Foxberry Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has successfully conducted highly effective surveys and polls. These initiatives aim to bridge the gap between the administration and citizens, ensuring that the citizens’ aspirations are duly considered in decision-making processes. The insights derived from these surveys and polls have proven invaluable in shaping the decision-making landscape. Congratulations are extended to Foxberry Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for their commendable contribution to nurturing a government that is centered around the needs and perspectives of the citizens.