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Dr. VijayKumar Mundhe

Deputy Commissioner

Information and Technology Department

Nashik Municipal Corporation

Over the past three years, Foxberry Technologies Pvt. Ltd., has been actively collaborating with the Nashik Municipal Corporation to engage with the citizens of Nashik city and its surroundings through the official social media channels of Nashik Municipal Corporation. They consistently share updates on various events, surveys, campaigns, jingles and related programs, ensuring citizens are well-informed with Corporation’s initiatives.

Foxberry Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s continuous efforts in enhancing social media integration for the Nashik Municipal Corporation have played a crucial role in maintaining positive communication.
Foxberry Technologies Pvt. Ltd. conducts thorough analyses and prepares reports for the department, significantly contributing to the municipality’s social media presence. This proactive approach not only amplifies the municipality’s visibility on social media but also ensures that the people of Nashik receive reliable information in a clear and easy-to-understand language.