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NMC Digi Engagement Platform

Digital Assets (Mobile App, Website, SMS, Merchant Portal & App, social media, SMS, Emails) and Citizen Engagement Operations Team (Managing Content, Merchant Ecosystem, Analytics, Helpdesk & Registration) make up the DigiThane solution. It is a unified citizen-municipality interaction/transaction layer that is used to make decisions based on citizens’ static and dynamic data.

Social Media Management and Citizen Engagement for Nashik Municipal Corporation

Foxberry Technologies creates content in text, audio, animated video, posters, banners, and other formats for various citizen engagement touch points used by NMC, such as the NMC E-Connect mobile application, social media (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), hoardings, and Ghantagadi.

We brainstorm, create, design, and deliver communications content in the format required by the communication channel, and we distribute it through each of the channels listed above. Activities done to drive the citizen engagement on Social Media platforms of Nashik Municipal Corporation are:

  1. Communication Management: Collaboration with various NMC departments to identify their communication needs and collect raw data as needed to develop and generate the communication material that will be disseminated.
  2. Content Creation & Management: Conceptualization, creation, designing and publishing of media-rich, engaging, factually and grammatically correct content. The content is created with the goal of maximising citizen participation.
  3. Social Media Handle Management: Strategize, plan and continuously improvise the Social Media Strategy for This includes how to optimize social media as a platform to strengthen NMC as a brand.
  4. Social Customer Relationship Management: Respond to user interactions or enquiries on NMC’s social media platforms with accurate, full, and timely feedback.
  5. Analytics: We create Communication analytics dashboard for NMC and analyze the KPIs and keep monitoring

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Digi Engagement Platform

EDSS : Emergency Decision Support System



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