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Digital Assets (Mobile App, Website, SMS, Merchant Portal & App, social media, SMS, Emails) and Citizen Engagement Operations Team (Managing Content, Merchant Ecosystem, Analytics, Helpdesk & Registration) make up the DigiThane solution. It is a unified citizen-municipality interaction/transaction layer that is used to make decisions based on citizens’ static and dynamic data.

OSRTC: Content Management and Brand Revival Of OSRTC

The lack of involvement with passengers across virtual and physical communication channels was one of Odisha State Road Transport Corporation’s primary issues.

Foxberry implemented a three-pronged Citizen Engagement plan to bridge the gap between the Corporation and the passengers and to ensure a streamlined communication channel:

1.    Stakeholder Engagement

  1. Devising a stakeholder engagement plan and providing workshop framework, survey construction and response analysis
  2. Coordinating with the stakeholders, collection and compilation of resources and associated digitisation

2.    Campaign Planning, Delivery and Analytics

  1. Ensuring digital connect with citizens by planning out the engagement with them through social media and offline medium as
  2. Designing marketing campaigns to eliminate the information asymmetry and make the passenger aware of the various new initiatives and schemes of OSRTC
  3. The analytics of the content helps in determining which content resonates with the followers and boosts awareness
  4. COVID SOP and Guidelines – A hybrid (online and offline) campaign was launched to educate passengers about safe travel procedures as part of the effort to create awareness about COVID acceptable

3.    Grievance Redressal

  1. Compiling complaints through all lines of contact (social media, e-mail, and helpline) and sending them to the appropriate authorities for prompt resolution
  2. Report Generation of Grievance process along with TAT, monthly grievance segregation, analysis and reporting
  3. Grievance analysis provides the Corporation with a bird’s eye view of the needs of the passengers, allowing it to develop new initiatives with this in mind

Products Implemented

Digi Engagement Platform

EDSS : Emergency Decision Support System


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